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New cruise line alert! Havila Voyages is set to bring environmentally responsible sailing to the Norwegian coast

May 21, 2021
Get ready to explore the beautiful Norwegian coastal route with new line Havila Voyages

It’s always exciting to announce newness in the cruise industry, so when we heard about new cruise line Havila Voyages we couldn’t wait to tell you all about it!

The family owned, Norwegian shipping company will commence operations in August 2021 with two new build ships, Havila Capella which will start cruising the Norwegian coast on 24 August, and Havila Castor, which is expected to sail a week later on 30 August.

With 179 cabins and space for 640 passengers, when they launch, Capella and Castor will be the most environmentally friendly ships to sail along the Norwegian coastal route, and will feature the world’s largest battery packs.

Havila Voyages has confirmed that the two new ships are progressing well, with sea trials for Havila Capella taking place in mid-May. The ship will then be delivered to Norway in July, where final preparations for the maiden voyage will be made. Havila Castor will follow shortly after.

Two further ships, Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux, will join the fleet in 2022 as planned.

Havila Capella

Havila Capella will be your home from home on the Norwegian coast

The ships’ décor reflects Norwegian landscapes including the sea, the sky, mountains and glaciers, and utilises natural materials and Nordic design for a warm, unpretentious atmosphere.

Comfy seats and panoramic windows give amazing views of the Norwegian coastline – sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery gliding by outside from the ship’s many public areas. 

Catch the Northern Lights and the midnight sun while ensconced in a comfortable lounge chair under the glass roof. Or perhaps you’d prefer to enjoy the views from a steaming jacuzzi that is heated from surplus heat?

Features include:

Promenade deck and viewpoint

If you want to feel the wind in your hair and inhale some good sea air, there’s the outer deck and the viewpoint in the bow, or the promenade on Deck 8, that is long enough for a proper walk.

Observation lounge

The observation lounge on the top deck, Deck 9, will be fitted with reclining chairs under a glass roof, so you can enjoy the Northern Lights, the star-studded night sky or the midnight sun during the summer.

The gym

Enjoy a workout with a view: the machines in the gym are arranged in front of the window so that you can train and watch the passing landscape at the same time.


Find unique clothes, books or local specialities in the shop on Deck 6, in the middle of the ship.


Enjoy the powerful jets of hot water in the jacuzzi on the quarterdeck, while looking out over the tranquil mountains and fjords.

Conference Hall

Deck 7 is the heart of the ship: information about the journey, the places you are passing, and Norwegian culture and history can be obtained in the conference hall.


There is a sauna on the ships, in the cloakroom area attached to the jacuzzis on Deck 8.

Relax chairs

Separate room with relax chairs for those who are not travelling far and do not need their own cabin.

Cafés and restaurants

The ship has two restaurants and a cafe – the menus feature locally sourced food and the best that Norway has to offer.

Deluxe balcony

The spacious and homely accomodation on board the ships

Featuring materials and natural colours that reflect the landscape through which you will be sailing, Havila Voyages offers a range of accomodation from interior cabins to suites.

Cabins and suites can accommodate up to four people, although most are designed for two guests. Most of the cabins have sea views, while others are located inside the ship. Some of these are small, with just two beds, and make an inexpensive alternative if you are not travelling far.

All cabins have TV’s, free wifi and USB ports. Inside cabins start from 10m2 and offer two single beds, a wardrobe, TV and private bathroom with shower.

At the other end of the scale, the two presidential suites on each ship offer a roomy 45m2 of space. These suites will include a living area and separate bedroom, as well as a private balcony with its own jacuzzi, where you can lay back and enjoy the starry skies, Northern Lights or midnight sun.

specialty dining

Feast on locally sourced food in the dining rooms

The on-board culinary experience will undoubtedly prove to be one of the highlights of your cruise. The food offering features both traditional Norwegian dishes and modern combinations based on Norwegian ingredients.

The menus are the work of Gunnar Hvarnes who trained and managed a team of Norwegian chefs to victory in the prestigious ‘Bocuse d’or Europe’ (often nicknamed the culinary Olympics) in 2020.

Guests can indulge in glossy white cod, golden cloudberries that only grow in the high north, the famous king crab and ‘lefser’ griddle cakes that perfectly compliment a cup of coffee.

As you may suspect, there are no buffets on board. Those travelling on full board basis will be served a choice of dishes in the main dining room, while guests looking for something even more special can upgrade to the fine dining restaurant.

Hot and cold food will also be available for purchase in the café.

Havila Voyages takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously – the result is a myriad of features designed to lessen the impact of their operations, from using less plastic and producing fewer emissions, to the close ties with local producers, locally sourced food and eco-friendly solutions and technologies.

Each of the four ships will have the world’s largest battery packs on board. This means that you can sail quietly and considerately for four hours, visiting fjords and other vulnerable areas without creating noise and emissions.

For the new coastal routes, environment and sustainability are top of the agenda. The hull is specially designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, and is custom-built to withstand the weather along the Norwegian coast.

The ship is powered by a battery and liquid natural gas (LNG). It cuts CO2 emissions by around 25 per cent and NOx emissions by 80–95 per cent. And when the batteries need to be charged at charging stations along the coast, the energy for this comes from clean hydropower.

 On board, surplus heat from cooling water, sea and energy management system is recovered and utilised.

Havila deck

Enjoy bubbles in the jacuzzi while drinking in the spectacular views

Where can we sail?

outdoor deck

Who doesn’t love sunny al fresco breakfasts and lunches?

The ships will be operating as part of a ten-year contract with the Norwegian Government to sail the coastal route from Bergen to Kirkenes.

The twelve-day return voyage visits 34 different ports sailing through narrow fjords and open seas and travels high up into the Arctic Circle. During this voyage, the ships pass through four Unesco Heritage sites, cross the Arctic Circle twice and offer the ideal setting in which to experience the Northern lights in winter, or midnight sun in summer.

Guests can choose to join the round trip, complete just the Northern or Southern journey or even spend two or three days onboard to get a flavour of coastal Norway.

Havila Voyages is also offering a range of organised excursions such as a whale safari, king crab fishing in a frozen fjord, dogsledding in the Arctic wilderness or snowmobiling across the North Cape Plateau.

Matthew Valentine, UK Country Manager commented, ‘We are incredibly excited about welcoming our first guests on board in August. The coastal voyage is the ultimate bucket-list trip, allowing guests to immerse themselves in Norwegian culture and enjoy unique experiences.’

Bookings can now be made through travel agents (in pounds) and are bookable at www.havilavoyages.com in Norwegian Krone. 

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